Hi there!

Welcome to Otto Creative, a boutique Graphic Design & Illustration studio. We combine handcrafted and modern design techniques, to create head-turning visual branding and graphics that are full of personality.

Based in Perth, Western Australia, creative inspiration is drawn from our wonderful sunny state, international design trends and bold colour combinations, all topped with a touch of fun. Studio specialties include: Logos , Illustrations , Web Design , Marketing Collateral & Creative Solutions. We work with like-minded businesses who aren’t afraid to push the boundaries and have fun.

We are named after the Octopus (Otto translates to Octo in English)
The characteristics of the Octopus also inspire how we do things.
- They are unique in appearance // We aim to stand out and don’t do things by halves
- Agile and quick // Efficient turn around times and flexible to make changes
- Found in Tropical and temperate waters // We too are happiest in warm weather.

So welcome, welcome to the studio and house of authentic creations filled with colour, passion and so much more.
I hope you find something of value or inspiration :)

Chat soon
Emilie Otto // Lead Designer