KEIP: The hand crafted re-brand

Keip Filtration evolved into Keip Group, Keip Filtration, Keip Plumbing and Keip TMV & Back flow and needed a strong brand identity to match.


5 years on this established brand was after a brand refresh to align their new business ambitions. Along with future proofing the brand identity moving into the next 5-10 years. Plans included expansion, building sub brands and franchising.

The re-brand needed to have a welcoming feel, that would appeal to a wide audience and speak to family decision makers. The founders also wanted to celebrate the aboriginal heritage of the business and portray authenticity in the final identity.

Keip is an indigenous word, meaning water. We took the concept back to it’s purest form and used watercolours to create a unique brand mark for this growing business. This medium complimented the meaning of the business name and brought to life the heritage of the brand and the business value of authenticity.

Collaboratively we landed on a group logo, with sub logo’s for each business branch. Allowing for additional branches to be added as the company grows.

Working with small businesses to bring to life a visual brands that will take them into the next 5-10 years, is a rewarding and inspiring process.