Visual Branding touch points

The ultimate checklist to check in with all things your brand’s aesthetic.

Everything that your customers can see, hear, touch or taste affects how people perceive your brand and the message you are sending out into the world

Below I’ve compiled a list of places that your customer could interact with your brand, I hope that this list will help you grow a more consistent brand.


  • Voice Message greeting

  • How you sign off text messages

  • How you answer the phone


  • Profile Pictures

  • Cover images

  • Images and text you use to promote your business, on your own page and in public groups

  • Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin and Pinterest to name a few


  • Email signature

  • Email send-outs

  • Email address


  • Landing page

  • Images & text


  • Staff uniforms

  • Shop front

  • What you wear to networking events/meetings


  • Business cards

  • Flyers

  • Signage

DOWNLOAD the bonus checklist to check in with your visual brand.

Anything that is PUBLIC to your consumers matters to your business. After checking in with your own business are you consistent and are you content with the “vibe” your business is giving?

Read here, why consistent visual branding is so important to your business.

The biggest rule is to remember: progress over perfection! Every little thing you do or change to make your visual branding more consistent is a step in the right direction. If it takes you 6 months or more to align, that’s perfectly okay :)

DOWNLOAD the bonus checklist to start the ball rolling.

To get a quick review of your business aesthetic, email me and I’ll review 3 of your touch points and let you know how consistent they are with each other.