Let's talk about Canva

Let’s have a quick chat about that big elephant in the room, CANVA.

It’s a great FREE tool for small business owners, wanting to save money on design. Additionally Canva is feared by graphic designers, “if my clients can do everything on Canva, why would they hire me?”.

Canva does a great job at making graphic design accessible to everyone, by adding simplicity to creating designs that more technical programs require a degree of industry expertise to achieve.

BUT Like any software or business tool, it has pros and cons for businesses and designers alike, below I will cover off a few.

Small Businesses:
Canva is used by over 1 million people, the program is best know for it’s pre-made, quick and easy templates. The con here is the amount of people using the program. Every time you pick a pre-made template and don’t customise it, imagine how many other businesses are using the exact same design! If you want to stand out and don’t want to customise Canva templates, it is not the best design solution for you. (Honest)

Yes your clients can hop on Canva and make their own social media graphics, business cards, proposal decks, flyers and more. There are well designed items on the platform that literally anyone can use.
(Scroll down to the pro’s for tips on how you can work with Canva to increase your business.)

Small Businesses:
If you take the time to customise pre-made templates or design your own unique canva templates. Canva is a great tool if you want to have a quick solution for brand collateral in your business, that anyone in your team can use. Which will save you time and money in the long run, some designers will even offer services to create a branded suite of collateral that you can update time and time again.

There is good opportunity here, as I mentioned above having custom made Canva templates is a great way for your clients businesses to stand out on line. Get to know the software and get familiar with how to make templates, you can even combine elements you create elsewhere and turn them into editable templates you can sell. Think of Canva as a business opportunity.

How I can help - If you are after a custom suite of Canva templates, I would love to create them for you! Saving you time and money in the long run. If you would prefer to give it a go yourself, there is a FREE Canva tutorial in my design resource library.

Chat soon,